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March 22, 2011

Parties with themes are great at any age and for any occasion, including birthday parties, seasonal holiday parties or just an excuse to have a get-together. At HalloweenStreet.com we get lots of requests for both young kid’s themed party idea help, teenage party ideas, college aged and adult parties all year long. Check out more theme party ideas and get your costumes or party supplies here:

Some of the more popular theme parties can be centered around favorite movies or TV shows. Some great movies and TV shows that work well for theme parties come from the following group – and suit all ages for a theme party – including babies:

  • Avatar
  • Mario Brothers
  • Iron Man
  • Flintstones
  • Toy Story
  • Shrek
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Harry Potter

General popular themed parties can be centered around these ideas:

  • Animal costumes or dress up like your favorite pet. Maybe even an African theme or safari party.
  • Historical costumes like those from the 1920′s or other specific eras and time frames in history. Gangster party can fit here or maybe a Hippy, Gypsy, even Saturday Night Fever, Disco theme party.
  • A color theme such as a Black & White party. What about red or purple theme party …you pick the color! That means any costume or accessory can fit the bill. A white haired wig, a purple hat, red stockings, black cape.
  • There’s always the Vampire theme for any time of year. This one can simply take a pair of fake vampire teeth to compete costume get-up to accomplish your unique look.
  • Popular for girls, we have seen fairy and princess themes as great for young kids as the dress up and costumes can be used year round for fun. – Popular for boys are Zorro or pirate type themes. Superheroes work great for both boys and girls all the way to adults!
  • Fables and fairy tale themes can be fun to play with. Come as your favorite storybook character – think Red Riding Hood, Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, Puss in Boots… Kings, Queens, Princesses, Prince Charmings, Warriors, Beasts, Swans, Ducklings…etc!
  • You can have a huge selection and ideas if you pick a World spot for a theme party. There’s always a Hawaiian theme, African Safari theme, Australian Outback, French “Gay Paris” Style… There are so many awesome cultural themes that allow for fun costumes and great food items for the party.
  • Think Discos, Fiestas, Casino Nights, Gangsters, Hollywood and Murder Mystery Parties… the list of theme party ideas is endless.

Costumes and costume accessories allow for added creativity and inspiration for your theme party.

As a last set of tips to remember, don’t forget to consider your:
a) theme party invitations
b) party decorations
c) games and activities
d) party bags
e) music
f) food recipes

Ok… let’s party!

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