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August 26, 2011

2011 New for Halloween Costumes
Out shopping and you’ll see Halloween costumes and decor hanging up and on the shelves of local stores everywhere! Yes…really! We have barely finished with Summer and just starting the new school year! Halloween season is here! But, we suspect it will be similar to last year, with costume suppliers holding back on the supply. Ok, not really holding back, just not able to afford to create a massive supply of new Halloween costumes due to continued recession and people having the need to save. If you are really in the market for the newest, biggest craze in Halloween costumes this year then you’d best get it now! Just sayin’!

We had problems last year with the supply and even with some vendors suggesting that they’d supply us with the newest, greatest, most unique costumes ever and… well, we are still waiting for some!! So, don’t be surprised if you see the “Pre-Order Now”. If you want it, I’d suggest you get it…now! Supply will not meet the demand for the newest costumes this year!

And don’t forget to grab a code from our Halloween costumes coupons & discount page before you buy!

Here are some great ideas and Halloween costumes to choose from for 2011:

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