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Halloween Decorations: The Best Ways To Decorate

How to Decorate for Halloween

Decorating is an important feature for Halloween. Whether you are decorating a classroom, haunted house or office, imagination, resourcefulness and vision can help make your space an inspiration to everyone coming.
Besides homemade Halloween decorations, just by using your imagination and craft or party store, you can create any Halloween look that you are going for.

Here are just a few ideas to get your originality and ingenuity started for your Halloween decor!!

Decorating the inside of your home can be so creative. Colored lights, purple and orange of course, black lights, spider webs with spiders, black lace over lamps, ghosts, and witches hanging from a hat or coat rack.. Rubber rats are a great addition. Place them around corners painting their eyes with glow-in-the-dark paint.. What's Halloween decorations without a black cat on a fence? Use construction paper cut out a stencil of the cat on the fence and place in the window. PUMPKINS! Lots and lots of pumpkins.!!! And don't forget Halloween sound effects to help set the mood. This can be purchased almost anywhere during the season.

It's so much fun to decorate the outside of the home and it only takes a few items and you may even get caught up in all the fun and go to the extremes.Hanging spiders from trees, porches, doorways, is a good start. Don't forget the webs too. A black light purchased at most Halloween stores or even hardware stores are a great addition. Tombstones purchased or made of foam and sponge painted can be cleverly placed in the yard to look like a mini graveyard. Did we mention ghosts? Old sheets wrapped around a balloon, tied off and black eyes colored in, make a great addition hanging from a tree or eave.

The food table decorations are fun and may even be edible. Cover the table with a table cloth of your choice. Add black and orange curly ribbons, blown up balloons, a few rubber rats, black candles, spiders, and pumpkins, all sizes and shapes. Why not try using a witch hat as a chip bowl? A plastic pumpkin as a dip dish. Add a bowl full of eyeball bubble gum. Thirsty? How about a punchbowl filled with your favorite beverage and ice cubes made from Halloween candy molds. Or for a larger piece of ice, use a pumpkin cake pan, put food coloring in the water and freeze. If the night or day is a little chilly, try a hot cider with mulled spices adding a cinnamon stick as a garnish.

Getting a little hungry? A quick and easy snack would be Halloween M&M's and Spanish peanuts mixed together. Or try pretzel sticks and candy corn. We can't forget baked pumpkin seeds. Just place in shallow cookie sheet coat lightly with cooking spray and season lightly with seasoned salt. Place in 350 oven for about 45 minutes stirring/tossing every ten minutes. Tip: make sure seeds are cleaned and strings removed.

One of the best decorations for any Halloween party would be.... THE COSTUMES!!! Make sure the guests know to dress in their favorite costume. As part of the party there can then be a costume judging contest and include everyone to vote on what costume they think is best, besides their own.

Another idea for your Halloween costume party is a themed party. For example, the theme could be FOOD. All guests dress up in a food related costume. Or The Addams Family, doing the same. It could be even more general, for example witches. Everyone has their own interpretation of a witch; it would be fun to see the many different faces and costumes that would walk into your home.

Don't forget to take pictures. It would be fun to leave the disposable cameras around and tell everyone to take a picture when they see something/someone that's funny. Then when camera is full, put it into a designated spot for you to have developed. (You may wan to take you own pictures, just in case.) Have the pictures developed and put onto disc. Now here's your excuse to have another party. Have everyone over to see what fun all had!!!

Halloween parties for any age have become the essence of Halloween. Try having one and see how your family and friends will remember it until next year!!

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