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Kids CostumesAt the school parade you can wave and cheer on your ladybug, cheerleader or Batman. How about your little girl as a Disney princess or your son as a ninja? Kids wait all year for Halloween – when they can put on their favorite character and hit the streets for their share of trick-or-treating candy!

At HalloweenStreet we have you covered when it comes to kids Halloween costumes – for the little ones right on up through tweens and teens.

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Super Mario Bros
Kids Costumes

Kids Costumes

Toy Story

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Lil’ Bug
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Wizard of Oz
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Iron Man
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Kids Costumes

Star Wars
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Kids Costumes

Harry Potter
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Kids Costumes

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No matter what the size or style of the Halloween costume you’re looking for you’ll find plenty of selection and great prices here at

Check out the hottest kids Halloween costumes this year! Spruce your costume look with a great selection of Halloween accessories that can be used with all our kid’s costumes. HalloweenStreet is looking forward to presenting you with our entire line of costumes, from the basic witch costume, phantom costume and mummy costume to the King of Rock and Roll, the zany redhead Lucille Ball, as well as our unique food costumes.

Not only does carry kids Halloween costumes, but costumes for every occasion! Check out our Holiday costumes section where you can find costumes for kids for any season. How about a Santa Claus suit for your child or a little Easter Bunny. Our selection of children’s costumes can be paired with you, just check our Adult costumes area to find a good matching costume! How about a pilgrim coming to your Thanksgiving feast?

At we also carry many historical costumes for school projects, plays and religious groups. Think about the book report that needs costumes or props. Your child can become George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross and almost any other historical character imaginable. can supply kids Halloween costumes as well as costumes for your entire family. Just think about a family of superheroes taking action at the party. We even have pet costumes to match.

Our costume sizes have many ranges to fit all children, whether just out of toddler sizes to older children. They range from 4-14 and combinations in between. We also carry infant, toddler and teen sizes. knows that your Halloween party, school parade or trick or treating is the highlight of the fall season! We are here to help make that happen! Look to us for all your costume needs – from kids Halloween costumes to adult Halloween costumes – as well as a host of costumes for all different occasions throughout the year.

No matter what costumes you choose however you can have the confidence of knowing that you are dealing with professionals who take their fun seriously! We are committed to providing our customers an accessible and easy place to shop for all their costume needs with selection and prices that sets our company apart from the rest. Whether you’re shopping for last minute kids Halloween costumes or you’re planning well in advance you’ll find the selection of costumes you’re looking for here at Try our amazing costumes on for size; we know that soon enough shopping with us for Halloween costumes will just become part of the tradition!

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