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What complements the perfect Halloween costume? Makeup of course! When you put together your costume for Halloween or any other occasion you want it to be high quality – something fun and creative that will represent your style, personality, and help bring your costume vision to life. At HalloweenStreet we make your costume come alive with our selection of makeup kits meant to complement and enhance any Halloween costume.

Featured Makeup Kits and Effects Products:

Professional Lipliner Pencil

Deluxe 3/4″ Powder Brush

Professional Glitter Gel (Opalescent)

FantasEyes Professional Eyeshadow

Professional Eyeliner Pencil

Professional Glamour Mascara (Jet Black)

Professional Cake Eyeliner Pan (Black)

Professional Cake Foundation (Chestnut/Olive Brown)

Professional Cake Foundation (Glamour Girl)

Lipstick – Dorothy (Deep Red)

1.5″ Black Foam Nose

1″ Flat Brush

Sponge-Tipped Brush

Super Deluxe Glitter and Jewels Hippie Makeup Kit

Flesh and Blood Makeup Kit

Glitter Makeup Crayons

Thin Makeup Crayons

Vampire Makeup Kit

Glitter Lipstick


Wicked of Oz Makeup Kit

Dark and Dreary Family Makeup Kit

Spirit Gum Remover

Monster Makeup Kit

Werewolf Makeup Kit

Severe Trauma Makeup Kit

Old Age Makeup Kit

Skull Makeup Kit

Cat Makeup Kit

Everlasting Kiss Makeup Kit

Vampire Make-Up Kit

Mummy/Ghoul Makeup Kit

Witch Make-Up Kit

Clown Make-up Kit

Fantasy Make-up Kit

Goth Make-up Kit

Wolfman Makeup Kit

Metal Mania Gold Makeup Kit

Metal Mania Silver Makeup Kit

Mini Mardi Gras Makeup Kit

Halloween Stenciling and Face Painting Kit

Stenciling and Face Painting Kit

Face Paint Starter Set

Witch Makeup Stack

Vampire Makeup Stack

Mardi Gras Makeup Stack

Devil Makeup Stack

Desert Camouflage Makeup Stack

Creature Makeup Stack

Black Liquid Tooth Out

Don Post Blood Red Makeup

Don Post Bruised Purple Makeup

Don Post Mold Green Makeup

Don Post Ghost White Makeup

Don Post Death Black Makeup

Don Post Primary Colors Makeup Tower

Don Post Appliance Applicator Set

Don Post Corpse Grey Makeup

Don Post Make Up and Appliance Kit

Don Post Colorless Powder

Don Post Skin Tower

Geisha Makeup Kit

Gold Roll On Glitter

Gold Glitter Nail Polish

Iridescent Glitter Nail Polish

Make-Up Sponge Wedges Combo

Pro-Adhesive Remover (2oz.)

Pro-Adhesive (1oz.)

Clown White Creme Foundation (2.5 oz.)

Clown White Creme Foundation (8 oz.)

Setting Spray (1.25 oz)

Round Face-Painting Brush (#4)

Make-Up Sponge

Face Painting Glitter

Face Painting Glitter

My Face Painting Palette

iGlow Body Gel

Edward Scissorhands Makeup Kit

Shimmer and Shine Sexy Scarlet Makeup Kit

Shimmer and Shine Glamorous Green Makeup Kit

Shimmer and Shine Bold in Black Makeup Kit

Ghost Stories Makeup Kit

Scar Putty

Oriental Parasol

Clown Makeup Kit

Makeup Kit Family Faces

Makeup/ Adhesive /Spirit Gum Remover Oil 1 oz.

Witch Complete Kit

Werewolf Complete Kit

Vampire Complete Kit

Nailpolish and Lipstick

Face Paint Kit

Black Makeup Stick 2″

Clown White Face Paint

Hollywood Makeup/Spirit Gum Remover, 1 Oz.

Hollywood Makeup/Spirit Gum Remover 2 Oz.

Hollywood Spirit Gum, 1/8 Oz.

Setting Spray (2oz.)

Hollywood Gel Blood, 1 Oz.

Face Painting Makeup Disguise Stix

Nail Polish, Glow In The Dark

Hollywood Movie Blood, 1 Oz.

Whip and Spike Scars

Jug of Blood

Tales of Old London Slash Throat Make-Up

Don Post Stage Blood

Don Post Flesh in a Flask

Don Post Wound Tower

Don Post Scorched Skin

Don Post Scar Putty

Blood Paste (1oz.)

Blood Gel (1/4oz. w/ Brush)

Stage Blood (1oz.)

Wizard Nose and Chin

Demon Horns Black

Vampire/Elf Ears

Buffy, Angel, Latex Prosthetic (Woochie Vampire/Lost Boy)

Hollywood Flesh Latex, 1 Oz.

Hollywood Movie Blood 2 Oz.

Hollywood Flesh Latex, 4 Oz.

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Try our Witch makeup kit, Vampire makeup kit or make your rotted mummy costume even scarier with the help of our makeup. Whether you’re dressing as a zombie or you want to be the prettiest princess, you’ll find the perfect makeup kits and makeup effects here at

Check out our full line of makeup to help enhance your costume – including everything from fangs and nails to fake blood and face makeup. Plus our makeup effects will take adult Halloween costumes and kids Halloween costumes to the next level – whether you want to add a fake nose and chin to your witch costume or you want to blackout a few teeth to complete your scary ensemble!

At no detail goes unnoticed in helping to put together the most creative and fun Halloween costumes and outfits for all occasions. Our costumes selection is vast and unique – but don’t stop there! Pull it all together with accessories and makeup and really put on a show that all your friends will remember.

In offering our selection of makeup kits we are keeping to our commitment to make everything as accessible as possible – helping to enhance our customers’ shopping experience. You want great costumes? We’ve got them! You want party supplies? Makeup? We’ve got all of that too! We’re your one stop shop for Halloween costumes, party supplies, accessories, makeup, music, games, and much, much more!

Let help make your next Halloween party or special occasion something truly special. We’ll conveniently – and affordably – outfit you from head to toe including makeup and even help you set the tone for a great gathering in your home. If you’re ready to make your next costume something to remember let HalloweenStreet lead the way!

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