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Mascot Costumes

The latest category that HalloweenStreet has added is a line of Mascot costumes.

We hope that within our selection of Mascot costumes you will find one that suits your school, high school, college, sports, organization, business or whatever use you may have for these outstanding mascot costumes.

Featured Mascot Costumes Products:

Bunny Economy Mascot Adult Costume

Reindeer Economy Mascot Adult Costume

Snowman Economy Mascot Adult Costume

Parrot Plush Economy Mascot Adult Costume

Reindeer Plush Economy Mascot Adult Costume

Deluxe Plush Frog Mascot Adult Costume

Chicken Economy Mascot Adult Costume

Bumble Bee Economy Mascot Adult Costume

Roaring Lion Economy Mascot Adult Costume

Pig Plush Economy Mascot Adult Costume

Elephant Plush Economy Mascot Adult Costume

Cow Plush Economy Mascot Adult Costume

Dalmatian Plush Economy Mascot Adult Costume

Puppy Dog Plush Economy Mascot Adult Costume

Bunny Plush Economy Mascot Adult Costume

Lyman Lion Economy Mascot Adult

Sunny the Dog Mascot Adult

Kitty Cat Mascot Adult

Bulldog (Tan) Mascot Adult Costume

Mascot Bag Small (30″ x 30″ x 20″)

Nut E. Squirrel Mascot Adult Costume

Bobcat Mascot Costume

Poppy Panda Mascot Adult Costume

Lionel the Lion Mascot Adult Costume

Huggy Bear Mascot Adult Costume

Dippy Dolphin Mascot Adult Costume

Kold Vest Inserts (pack of 10)


Kold Kollar With Ice Insert

Insulated Storage Bag

Top 10 Mascot Costumes

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Mascot is: a person, animal or thing that is believed to bring good luck. The mascot then becomes a symbol for this particular group or team. carries over 150 different mascot costumes for everyday use as well as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day and St. Patricks Day.

Each mascot costume comes with a jumpsuit with zipper, plush fur and detached hands and feet, contoured neckline for a comfortable fit on your shoulders. The heads do not attach to your neck or head, allowing you free movement. Each head comes with a screened vision panel that allows you to see without being seen, extra ventilation panels and a built in fan to keep you cooler.

All of our Mascot items will fit a person up to 6 ft. tall and approx. 200 pounds.

Complete care and cleaning instructions are sent with each mascot costume. These are top of the line quality mascot costumes and meant to be worn for years

Please allow for up to a 3 week turnaround.

Let be the source of your good luck school mascot, high school mascot or college mascot costume at your sporting events. The character and animal mascots make great school mascot costumes for high school and college sports.

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