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An oversized Elvis, plug and socket, scary tree and a Christmas tree are just a sampling of the fun you can have just looking through our unique costume section. Your imagination can run wild and your funny bone will barely hang on with our scary, cute and funny unique Halloween costumes.

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The uniqueness, humor and hilarity of this category only makes you want to see more. After turning the pages on these comical, distinct costumes, you will know that you are getting the prize and status for creativity.

Many of the costumes in this category can be paired together for that unique couples look! Check out the House of Bricks. What a match with the Bricklayer or construction chick! How about the fly, adding your friends and all becoming a swarm of flies! You will certainly be noticed!

Many of these items appear in other categories and sub-categories. But to see their full effect this is the area to view them and get your original thoughts and ideas working!!

Every season we continue to improve this category with more costumes to wet your appetite for more!

For the person with creativity, guts or just a sense of humor, this is the category to spend some time looking!

Halloween is a time of merriment, amusement and creativity. HalloweenStreet.com costumes is here to help you and your family have a great Halloween season!